New Pop-Up track! Heartbeats – The Knife

Since they signed in blood, sweat and beer in February, Pop-Up’s new singers have been getting up to speed with all the repertoire. But that doesn’t mean we’ve been getting comfortable. Oh no. Dom has arranged some lovely tracks for us this year, and this version of The Knife’s Heartbeats is really gorgeous.

There’s lots of looping sections before the verses which are so uplifting (major keys – hurrah) that it’s been quite a challenge to get us to quieten down in time for Elizabeth and Tom’s solos.

We’re now on Soundcloud so if you’re there, follow us for more clips and sneaky bits. And if you’re not, don’t worry – we’ll carry on posting on Facebook, Twitter and the blog. We’re also updating the Pop-Up photo page, which now has pics from 2009 all the way through to last week.

Don’t forget, we’ll be popping up at Kilburn’s The Good Ship on 11 April and Brixton Village East on 20 April. Now – here’s a snippet from rehearsal – enjoy!


One thought on “New Pop-Up track! Heartbeats – The Knife

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