New Pop-Up track! The Chain by Fleetwood Mac

Tomorrow night we’re headlining (touch me! Our mothers are so proud.) the Fleetwood Mac Celebration Evening being put on by the wonderful My Best Friend’s Girl at The Good Ship in Kilburn.

We are all HUGELY excited – I nearly wrote exciting, but that goes without saying. Far too much of last night’s rehearsal was spent discussing what we are going to wear – it looks worryingly like some kind of double denim, although the baritones with fulsome 70s-appropriate beards are going to be let off.

We’ll be propping up the bar watching the music from 8pm, and we’re onstage at around 10.45pm so do come along. And if you can’t, here’s a snippet of what we’ll be doing. We’ve got some more concerts lined up for the summer too, so check out the gigs page – and if you want us to perform for you, drop us a line at thepopupchoir @

A demain!

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