Bowie, Brixton and Beth’s wedding cake

Bowie! by the amazing Jimmy C
Bowie! by the amazing Jimmy C

We had a lovely write-up in the Brixton Buzz about our Bowie gig last night – thanks chaps!

Hot, sunny, gorgeous weather: the perfect time for an outdoor show, right? We trooped down to the beautiful Bowie mural opposite Brixton Tube to do just that, and to dust down our version of Space Oddity (actually not that dusty after a couple of rehearsals this term!).

Lovely pic by @linniekin - thank you!
Lovely pic by @linniekin 

I’ve been in the choir since January, but missed our last proper pop-up gig on the South Bank, so was actually incredibly nervous before getting started in Brixton! Even though it’s a mile from my front door and I’d been round the corner at Book Jam the night before, something about not having the security blanket of an arranged gig gave me an attack of the screaming heebs. But that’s what Pop-Up’s all about, and after the obligatory pavement warm-up, we arranged ourselves by the mural and cracked on with Sweetest Feeling.

It was AMAZING fun. Any worries fled after about, ooh, seven seconds, and it was lovely to see people watching and enjoying it, and as ever, Dom’s bouncing around at the front was absolutely infectious.

We got some surprise beatbox help when a rather chatty bloke on his bike took exception to the singing, but Kate’s Rollin’ in the Deep more than answered him!

Beth, our female soloist in Heartbeats, is getting married at the weekend so we’d arranged some cake and goodies, but she didn’t make the gig due to last minute plans so we, um, looked after the cake for her. Definitely.

pop up choir wedding cake

Have a fantastic wedding Beth, and we’ll be back to Brixton soon. Here’s a great video the Brixton Buzz took of Space Oddity, and that gorgeous mural – the whole reason we were there in the first place.

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