New Year, new songs and Pop-Up’s fifth birthday!

The Pop-Up Choir's mash-up of Hey Ya and Get Lucky
New tune(s)!

What do we call this term? It’s DEFINITELY not spring. Let’s go with winter: we haven’t had any snow yet, for one thing, and that’s definitely going to come before our next term in April.

We’ve kicked off the Winter Term with two new songs: Dom has written us a fantastic mash-up of Hey Ya and Get Lucky that fills the soul void in our repertoire (seriously, wait til you hear it. It’s amazing.) and as an extra bonus, we’re now doing AS I Went Down To The River To Pray, which I brought to rehearsal as an improv exercise, and which will now be done in full-on proper gospel glory. Amen! Etc.

photo 1
Emily with some correspondence from a Pop-Up listener. Snail mail FTW!
photo 2
Concentration – aided by wine


Oh hey pow wow!

This week we had our termly pow wow. This is usually a meeting of ‘Choir Parents’ (people with roles in the choir, or long-standing members) but this time it swelled to whoever wanted to come which is all for the better. The choir has been getting far more committed over the last year and it shows, both in front and behind the scenes.

Even more excitingly, it’s Pop-Up’s fifth birthday this year. I know, we look far too young to be five. Even those of us in our 30s. The actual birthday is in June and we will be having a special gig and party to celebrate. But before then we’ve got new songs to master, old songs to polish,  and gigs to play.

New singers!

If you want to join Pop-Up, brilliant. We are looking for confident singers who have some sight reading ability and are happy picking up songs quickly. If you like a drink at the end of a session, so much the better. Thank you to everyone who has emailed over Christmas. We’ve got a rather long waiting list for prospective members, but please don’t be disheartened! We go over our sections each term – sops, alto 1s, alto 2s and men- and see any gaps that need filling. In the meantime, come and see us soon and have a brilliant winter/New Year/nearly-spring.

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