Andrew’s Top 5 Things About Pop-Up


Andrew (right) and the cake we bought to celebrate soprano Beth’s wedding – unfortunately she wasn’t at rehearsal so we, um, had to dispose of the cake. Um.

Today we’ve got a post from Andrew, one of Our Men. That’s basically the catch-all term for our tenors, basses and baritones, as the Alto 2s sing what’s classically a tenor part. Take it away Andrew!

A new year and a time for reflection, so what’s good about being in the Pop-Up Choir in 2014 I hear you ask? Well how long have you got? I’ve been in the choir for 3 and a half years (where did that go?) and my top 5 best things about Pop-Up changes most weeks according to my mood and what we’ve been doing.  This week’s are:

  1. “Accidentally” staying behind after rehearsal for an extra couple of pints – impromptu Boozy Tuesday.
  2. Singing Sledgehammer again after a long hiatus, and it wasn’t too bad considering.
  3. Lots of good things agreed at the Pow Wow with no fallings out – or is that no falling outs?
  4. Agreeing that being in Australia was an acceptable excuse for not attending a rehearsal.
  5. Somebody (who shall remain nameless) going to the wrong venue, then eating the pizza and necking the glass of wine they’d already ordered after realising their mistake and still arriving well before 8pm! Respect.

Who knows what next week will bring?

Thanks for the anonymity re 5 Andrew. Ahem. 


2 thoughts on “Andrew’s Top 5 Things About Pop-Up

  1. Re: Number 4. I believe this is one of the finest decisions we have ver made. Blue Sky thinking, who says you can’t manage by consenus…… (Hey Rebecca we miss you).

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