Pictures! Mini Moderns REMIX 2 launch

The Pop-Up Choir singing at Mini Moderns Remix 2
Happy singing!

There won’t be many words to this post as we’re all quietly recovering from the after party to last night’s wonderful launch of Mini Moderns REMIX 2 at the Southbank Centre shop.

We did two sets to a wonderful crowd: the first, lots of choral numbers outside the shop, and the second, inside with loads of solos while trying very hard not to buy everything on the shelves.

Thanks very much to the Southbank Centre shop for a great venue, and congratulations to Mini Moderns on a superb party, and a great project!

Pic: @cactuslouise
Seen PR
Pic: @Seen_Pr
pop-up choir mini moderns southbank centre shop4
Pic: @craftyfoxmarket
The fabulous Mini Moderns, Rachel Atkinson and friends!

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