Why we love Taylor Swift’s Shake It Off

Taylor Swift - Shake It Off

AMAZING Shake It Off composite by Sirens of Song


Chris arrived at choir to a great list of songs shortlisted by the choir – his choice? Shake It Off.

While the majority of singers were really excited at the prospect, there were quite a few eyebrows raised, and a few from people who hadn’t heard the song, and thought it was just going to be a piece of fairly cruddy bubblegum pop.

It’s testament both to Taylor Swift, and to Chris’s arrangement, that everyone, without exception, has come round to the joy of Shake It Off. It’s one of the most uplifting, joyous songs in our repertoire – and hell yes, we’ve kept the rap. And double hell yes, it’s like Clueless never happened.

We can’t wait to sing it for you on Saturday at Masters of Pop. It went down a storm when we sang it at the Ritzy’s preview  screening of Pitch Perfect 2 , and we’ll be bringing extra joy to it this weekend.

See you there!

Masters of Pop, Saturday 20 June, 8pm, St Giles Church, Camberwell Church Street, SE5

Tickets are £10 on the door, £8 in advance here.


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