Returning to the fold: Stokey Sessions


Sarah Returns to the Pop-Up Choir after a rather looooong sabbatical. With just a few weeks under her belt, she is performing her first gig: “The Stokey Sessions” – yeah baby!

“Held in the resplendent Old Church in Stoke Newington – it was a small but perfectly formed venue. High ceilings, stone walls and general church like qualities equalled a lush, ethereal choral sound (as has been road tested by Aled Jones and Whoppi Goldberg), so good acoustics – check. Emma and Emily had done an excellent job of putting out all the candles so the place looked charmingly goth. The cherry on the top was an excellently carved pumpkin stationed at the cash register.


Pre gig – we were upright sardines in a tiny room, doing a few sirens to warm up, massaging throats stretching out the muscles and chugging loads of water to hydrate the chords. The lovely Emma gave me some intense cramming tutelage just before the gig too – thank you Emma. I am realising the problem with singing sopranos is that if you go wrong you stand out like a wiry white hair – so basically I was a bit fearful of the evening.

On stage I choose a strategically advantageous position of being in the back row, having not mastered the percussive element for Shake It Off by the fabulous Taylor Swift, (a clapping, stamping and clicking extravaganza) I was happy to be shielded by the folks on the front row.
The gig was fab and singing every song put a smile on my face – I have to admit I have a real a sweet spot for Heartbeats: when  Helen and Tom sing I get goose bumps. Shake It Off is like a being on a ride at the local fair not exactly sure what’s going, on but it’s just full of joy. Lump reminds me of the days of drinking White Lightening on the common and trying to snog boys…..ahhhh you have to love the tunes…..


Thank you to the audience who were gorgeous and to the lovely choir master Chris who kept us on the straight and narrow – though I could never lip read from him what the next tune was so it was always a surprise for me, but I guess there’s nothing wrong with a little extra drama!”