A glittering success – singing & sparkle at Peckham Nights

As you’ll know from the last month of shameless plugging, Pop-Up recently hit Peckham Liberal Club for our annual summer extravaganza. Here newbie Lauren shares her take on the night’s proceedings….

Clad in glitter and a fine sheen of ‘showbiz’ sweat*, the Pop-Up Choir livened up the Peckham Liberal Club last weekend with an extravaganza of singing and sparkle. Kicking off the night, aglow in the scarlet gleam of our cabaret-style grotto, was comedian Abigoliah Schamaun. Never disappointing, with her cutting New Yorker hilarity and louder-than-a-London-night-bus personality, the audience could never have been in any doubt they were in for a spectacular night.

photo 2Starting as we meant to go on, next up were rhythm and blues masters Mojohand. We couldn’t have asked for better support than their heady mix of double bass, bluegrass guitar and passionate vocals, which can only be described as a soul-shaking treat for the ears.


As the choir itself took to the stage, shimmering like a disco ball, we couldn’t help but be proud of the hours of hard work put into this gig, all the while spurred on by our seemingly magical MD Ellie, who breathes new life, energy and triumph into everything she touches.

Evidence of that came with two new arrangements: Kate Bush’s ‘Cloudbusting’, a powerfully mellow song that showcases the wonderful talent of our Alto 2s, and a breathtaking, vibrant mashup of James Bay’s ‘Hold Back the River’ and Bastille’s ‘Pompeii’, a multi-layered crescendo that sets hearts racing. One of my favourite parts of any performance is Ellie’s quiet pre-song hum that is echoed back to her by twenty five well-honed voices; the chord that brings us together and then propels us forward.

For all who came, we were thrilled to have you, and apologise for any glitter-blindness that may have been induced. Join us again next term and bring your friends, for no one should be immune to this much joy.

*’Showbiz’ sweat is no normal state of perspiring. Blame it on the hot, bright lights of the stage, the excitement, the fear, the three gin and tonics you quite possibly could have had after the performance, whatever you will – it’s the sweat of champions.


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