New year, New Guest MD, New Logo!

Hello Poppets! It’s been a while since we have updated the blog – mostly because it was such an action packed end to the year. Goodbye 2016… Three gigs in a week in the run up to Christmas, amid all of the lurgy flying about almost killed us but we survived! And seeing as itContinue reading “New year, New Guest MD, New Logo!”

Pop-Up at London Acapella Festival 2016 – gig report

The wonderful @ThePopUpChoir performing with the #lacfextra at the @Londonacappella! Sounding excellent! — LondonACappella (@Londonacappella) January 30, 2016 YESSS! We had a fantastic time at London Acapella Festival. It was our first visit, and hopefully the first of many. *HINT HINT* *DO YOU THINK THEY GOT THAT* *GOD I WISH I’D GOT THE HASHTAG CORRECTContinue reading “Pop-Up at London Acapella Festival 2016 – gig report”

Gig Report: We sang at the Royal Festival Hall. That is all.

After last week’s post from the stalls, here’s Charlie (Alto 2s) on what it was like performing at the epic Pipes V Mics. The trouble with most mornings is that they’re in the morning. I confess I’m not a morning person, it takes a lot of caffeine to get me up to speed. So itContinue reading “Gig Report: We sang at the Royal Festival Hall. That is all.”

Gig Report: Pipes V Mics – the view from the stalls

With an early start,short notice and Mothering Sunday to boot, not everyone who wanted to could take part in Sunday’s Pipes V Mics concert, in which Pop-Up joined Shlomo in his Rumble piece for voices and organ. So some Poppers got to see the choir from a different angle – the audience! Here’s Emily Falconer (sops)Continue reading “Gig Report: Pipes V Mics – the view from the stalls”

Pipes vs Mics! A Pop-Up Rumble with Shlomo

Um, so Pop-Up had a pretty sweet weekend because a bunch of us sang with Shlomo again! As part of his massive Pipes vs Mics show at the Southbank Centre, he  composed a piece for the Royal Festival Hall organ called Rumble. It brought beatboxers and pipe organ together as nature intended, and Pop-Up joined forcesContinue reading “Pipes vs Mics! A Pop-Up Rumble with Shlomo”

Newbie blog! An Unseasoned Popper

Following on from Andrew’s piece, we decided to get view from a relative newcomer. Someone who hasn’t yet been completely sucked in to the choir, or Boozy Tuesday. (Andrew’s been in Pop-Up since 2010 and is now thoroughly brainwashed by beer and reindeer songs.) Annabel, pictured with Pop-Up at our wedding gig this weekend, holdingContinue reading “Newbie blog! An Unseasoned Popper”

Bowie, Brixton and Beth’s wedding cake

We had a lovely write-up in the Brixton Buzz about our Bowie gig last night – thanks chaps! Hot, sunny, gorgeous weather: the perfect time for an outdoor show, right? We trooped down to the beautiful Bowie mural opposite Brixton Tube to do just that, and to dust down our version of Space Oddity (actuallyContinue reading “Bowie, Brixton and Beth’s wedding cake”

First gigs for the new Poppers crop

Last night we had the most fantastic fun at Makerhood‘s Making Uncovered event at Brixton East. After a lovely, sunny day pootling round south London – Camberwell Food and Drink Festival, we bow to you and your £1 Rioja stall – it was such a treat to head into Brixton East; a stunning arts venueContinue reading “First gigs for the new Poppers crop”