This weekend: Beckenham Festival Of Lights

We will be singing LIVE not once but TWICE at this weekend’s magical event at Beckenham Place; bursting with family workshops, music performances, and the switching on of the Christmas tree and lights! …You’ll even be able to pick up your Christmas tree on the day! Everyone welcome! Facebook: Their FB Page: Website:Continue reading “This weekend: Beckenham Festival Of Lights”

Only The World Remains: A Pop Up Performance.

It’s just a regular Saturday – a group of 30-somethings hanging out in a subway with a plan to entertain art lovers. Hopefully congregating outside the gates of MI6 under the glare of Secret Intelligence Service cameras game them some entertainment. Despite a few riverside walkers looking somewhat bemused by our presence, those on theContinue reading “Only The World Remains: A Pop Up Performance.”

New year, New Guest MD, New Logo!

Hello Poppets! It’s been a while since we have updated the blog – mostly because it was such an action packed end to the year. Goodbye 2016… Three gigs in a week in the run up to Christmas, amid all of the lurgy flying about almost killed us but we survived! And seeing as itContinue reading “New year, New Guest MD, New Logo!”

We’re Back!! (And Malcolm puts a ring on it)

Well…we’ve been back for a while actually, but with the autumn term ticking along and some fab new arrangements already shaping up most pleasingly, it’s about time we filled you in on what we’ve been up to… One highlight has to have been helping our new friend Malcolm with a very special assignment – his proposalContinue reading “We’re Back!! (And Malcolm puts a ring on it)”

A glittering success – singing & sparkle at Peckham Nights

As you’ll know from the last month of shameless plugging, Pop-Up recently hit Peckham Liberal Club for our annual summer extravaganza. Here newbie Lauren shares her take on the night’s proceedings…. Clad in glitter and a fine sheen of ‘showbiz’ sweat*, the Pop-Up Choir livened up the Peckham Liberal Club last weekend with an extravaganzaContinue reading “A glittering success – singing & sparkle at Peckham Nights”