New year, New Guest MD, New Logo!

Hello Poppets! It’s been a while since we have updated the blog – mostly because it was such an action packed end to the year. Goodbye 2016… Three gigs in a week in the run up to Christmas, amid all of the lurgy flying about almost killed us but we survived! And seeing as itContinue reading “New year, New Guest MD, New Logo!”

My Top 5: Swedish Songs

This is a guest post from Sophie, one of our Alto 1s – she’s second from left in this frankly ridiculous piece of coincidence from our last rehearsal, when most of our sopranos and altos managed to come dressed as the Pantone chart for red! Anyway, Sophie is a cracking DJ and really knows herContinue reading “My Top 5: Swedish Songs”

Newbie blog! An Unseasoned Popper

Following on from Andrew’s piece, we decided to get view from a relative newcomer. Someone who hasn’t yet been completely sucked in to the choir, or Boozy Tuesday. (Andrew’s been in Pop-Up since 2010 and is now thoroughly brainwashed by beer and reindeer songs.) Annabel, pictured with Pop-Up at our wedding gig this weekend, holdingContinue reading “Newbie blog! An Unseasoned Popper”

New Year, new songs and Pop-Up’s fifth birthday!

What do we call this term? It’s DEFINITELY not spring. Let’s go with winter: we haven’t had any snow yet, for one thing, and that’s definitely going to come before our next term in April. We’ve kicked off the Winter Term with two new songs: Dom has written us a fantastic mash-up of Hey YaContinue reading “New Year, new songs and Pop-Up’s fifth birthday!”

Non-Dom rehearsals with Common People

Autumn term’s a couple of dates down and we’re getting into our new arrangement – Pulp! Cheers Dom. We didn’t have enough Britpop in the set. Something we introduced earlier in the year was the idea of “non-Dom” rehearsals, which give us the chance to work a bit harder as a group without letting DomContinue reading “Non-Dom rehearsals with Common People”

Performing means more than jazz hands

I am thrilled to announce a missive from our gracious leader Dom Stichbury today *bends knee to the floor, bows so deeply hips fall off*. We had a fantastic workshop in a school gym on Saturday morning which took us off the usual track thanks to the amazing Katie Beard, an actress, choreographer and all-roundContinue reading “Performing means more than jazz hands”