Join the Pop-Up Choir

There is more to Pop-Up than just singing! Unlike other choirs, we are a Co-Op so we all get involved. We have a strong sense of community and friendship within the group, and we are honoured to have seen relationships, marriages and babies created since we have been together!

2015.07 Kat's Wedding East Meon 1

Want to be part of Pop-Up?

We are a 25-30 group of singers singing in 5-part harmony: SAATB as Sopranos, Alto 1s, Alto 2s, Tenors and Bass.

We rehearse every Tuesday evening 7-9pm in our new Covid-secure venue in Waterloo.

We limit the number of members to 8 per voice part, but we are always keen to meet new voices – especially Bass, Tenor and Alto 2.


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