Performing means more than jazz hands

I am thrilled to announce a missive from our gracious leader Dom Stichbury today *bends knee to the floor, bows so deeply hips fall off*. We had a fantastic workshop in a school gym on Saturday morning which took us off the usual track thanks to the amazing Katie Beard, an actress, choreographer and all-roundContinue reading “Performing means more than jazz hands”

Stylist magazine’s right – being in a choir is amazing

It’s hard to believe the first Pop-Up term of 2013 is almost over – just two more weeks, then a break, and then we’ll be into summer rehearsals! And…and then it will be warm? Right? Yes? Because summer never seems further away than when the entire choir comes into rehearsal dressed like polar explorers, so liberalContinue reading “Stylist magazine’s right – being in a choir is amazing”