Pipes vs Mics! A Pop-Up Rumble with Shlomo

1625734_617892634959361_745155440_n Um, so Pop-Up had a pretty sweet weekend because a bunch of us sang with Shlomo again!

As part of his massive Pipes vs Mics show at the Southbank Centre, he  composed a piece for the Royal Festival Hall organ called Rumble. It brought beatboxers and pipe organ together as nature intended, and Pop-Up joined forces with Chaps Choir to provide additional vocal colour.

You can listen to a download of the show on BBC Radio 3: skip ahead to 2:10:00 for the interview with Shlomo, and to 2:14:00 for Rumble!

Blogs to follow from some of the members who took part, but in the meantime, here’s some pics.


10151927_617889101626381_189803470_n pipes vs mics 1797550_617894608292497_1988922781_n pop up choir shlomo pipes vs mics

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